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To be one of the country’s most trusted and engaged cannabis brands.

We’re all about… the experience.

Step into Emerald Fields, and you know you’re in the right place. Meander through our free-flowing sales floor and shop the finest quality cannabis—right out in the open.

We’re not a head shop.

Emerald Fields is a cannaboutique, where a relaxed lifestyle meets exceptional service. We’re as mainstream as any great retail experience you are accustomed to. We want you to be comfortable and not intimidated. Retail Cannabis is a “new world” for many first time shoppers looking to embrace the vibe. For the more experienced aficionados, we have everything you’ll ever need.

We believe in having the most knowledgeable experience ambassadors to help guide you through the store to help you make an easy informed decision.

We can also guide you through a variety of price points to meet any budget. We’ll even get you started with our free loyalty program for great discounts with every visit… including your first visit!

That’s our story. What’s yours?