Fuego Extracts OG 1 Live Resin Vape CartridgeWith the advent of dozens of unique proprietary cannabis vape pen cartridges, I was starting to become concerned that the 510-thread battery system was simply becoming passé.

710 Labs Black Mamba Live Rosin : Concentrate ReviewWhen the concentrate industry started booming in Colorado there was an obligatory, initial race for potency. Much in the same way strains initially focused on the highest THC concentration, many extraction companies shifted their attention to making concentrates with the sole purpose of messing you up (not that I’m opposed to such things from time to time).

Quest Concentrates AeroinhalerOutside of medical use, only a decade ago we were still in the age of finding dime bags from the guy on the corner and maybe once in a blue moon making some pot butter to infuse some of our own homemade (and usually horrible) edibles.

Emerald Fields 420 Deals 2018Every time 420 season comes around I’m forced to reflect on just how much cannabis use has evolved in the last half-decade. I recollect the old days of countless occasions of having to awkwardly sit on your dealer’s couch while he shuffles through bags of nameless, improperly-cured weed dredging up something smokable.

CBx Sciences MeditateThere’s a lot of conflicting news out there nowadays about cannabis. Since cannabis is still scheduled one in the eyes of the federal government it’s made it exceedingly difficult to study medicinal benefits while still being compliant to the law.

Emerald Fields Colorado DiscountWhat a great time it is to live in a great state like Colorado. As someone who’s lived here their entire life, I love just about everything about the place. From hiking in the mountains, rafting in the rivers, or simply going and getting drunk at a Rockies game.

Late Night Manitou Springs MarijuanaEveryone in Colorado knows that 2:00 AM is closing time for bars across the state. While there are some exceptions to this law, in general, if you’re tooling around Denver on a Saturday night you can expect that the drinks will stop flowing and the doors will close by 2:00 AM.

Emerald Fields 420 DealsMuch to my lament, I’ve never considered myself an overly lucky individual when it comes to raffles, gambling, or anything that involves chance. The thing that seems to compound my awareness of this shortcoming is the rather uncanny luck that my friends can have when they’re with me.

Emerald Fields Loyalty ClubIt’s Sunday. You’ve picked up your beers, bratwurst, cookies, and nacho fixins. You’re ready for the Broncos game. But wait there’s still something missing from the mental checklist. Where’s the weed at?

Coda Signature TrufflesWhen I sit down after a hard day’s work and want to relax with an icy cold beer, I’m not looking to get hammered. As I savor and relish every last frothy drop, the slight tingling behind my eyes and the increased likelihood of me saying something stupid is just an added benefit of the alcohol content in my brew.

Recreational Marijuana in Colorado SpringsIf you, like so many other wayfaring weed adventures, have been on the lookout of recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs I’m sorry that you haven’t had any luck. Ever since Amendment 64 passed, the majority of Colorado cities have taken the reins and welcomed the addition of countless thousands, and in the case of Denver millions, of dollars in tax revenue.

Emerald Fields | Review : Manitou Springs, COWelcome to Manitou Springs, Colorado. Manitou Springs is a small mountain town nestled just a few minutes West of the second largest city in the State, Colorado Springs. Right along Manitou Spring’s main highway, tucked right between a vacation lodge and a hotel, you’ll find Emerald Fields.

Emerald Fields | Review : GlendaleAny good Coloradan can tell you how much easier it is to obtain recreational marijuana now than it was back in the day. Whereas five years back you needed to know a guy, now snagging yourself some delicious Colorado chronic is as simple as walking down the street and looking for a building adorned with green.